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Hi im plushie ^w^ this is where I put all my silly spur of the moment thoughts. You should check out my website maybe??


26 // Black // Leo // ENFP // BPD


softteddypaws 🐱 13 days ago

He said he don't fuck with me but that's cause he can't fuck on me (´・ω・`)

softteddypaws ❤️ 13 days ago

Coding so much I need glasses :( Realizing I get to become a Bayonetta office siren :3c

softteddypaws 🙂 13 days ago

@ div if you're reading this I'm begging you to please go play a video game or ride a bike or go to the gym or something else you're like 40

softteddypaws 🙂 15 days ago

Damaged oddity bought by sotheby's auctioned to a selfish man who thinks that he's the prophecy

softteddypaws 🙂 17 days ago

Stalking my page bitch probably wanna scissorrrrrrr all up in her mouth like I kissed her

softteddypaws 🥳 17 days ago

I was sad. But then I dressed up like a cute clown girl, ate some shrooms, tripped balls, and got my cheeks clapped for hours now im fine:3

softteddypaws 🙂 18 days ago

If I ever unlock my high school Facebook there will be no call out posts there will be no Google docs I'm going straight to the fbi

softteddypaws ❤️ 18 days ago

I refuse to give up on my hobbies and passions. I know who I am and I know the progress I've made. ♡

softteddypaws 🥹 20 days ago

I bet on losing dogs. I know they're losing but I pay for my place by the ring where I'll be looking in their eyes when they're down

softteddypaws ✨ 28 days ago

I think about you every morning....... at the bus stop ^_^

softteddypaws 😎 28 days ago

The forgot I'm HIM. The Himulation. Him Kardashion. Him buck too. Himone and poomba. Just got my DNA test back turns out I'm 100% Himalayan

softteddypaws 😴 28 days ago

Top shelf Zaza disrupted my circadian rhythm

softteddypaws 😴 28 days ago

Haters in shambles they stay picking the corn out of my shit

softteddypaws 💻 31 days ago

Feeling so based and web devpilled. Love this new hobby so much. (*´ω`)

softteddypaws 😭 31 days ago

Remember the tide pod challenge lmaoooo

softteddypaws ✨ 32 days ago

Okay time to get ready (〃´ω`〃) lights camera action. Magical Girl transformation time ✨️💗

softteddypaws 😭 32 days ago

Tfw u hallucinate bugs all the time so when u see a black spot you shrug it off but this time the spider is actually real and FAST ASF 😭🔫

softteddypaws 💻 37 days ago

Finally almost done with my new website index after so long omg

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