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sodablue 🙂 2 days ago

It was right in front of my face and yet I felt nothing this time...I FEEL SO STRONG!!

sodablue 😇 2 days ago

I suddenly don't care anymore...Is this what it feels like to be free?

sodablue 🍙 6 days ago

I hope I get the onigiri bag w/ my Hobonichi order

sodablue ❤️ 7 days ago

Ace with us

sodablue 🎱 9 days ago

Always expecting the worst

sodablue 😂 11 days ago

Feels like she doesn’t even care…Guess I’ll just d1e then!!

sodablue ✈️ 11 days ago

I want to leave everything behind. Even the precious memories…It’s all too painful to remember

sodablue 📱 12 days ago

I want an escape to my own SEKAI and meet my therapy Miku

sodablue 🌧️ 13 days ago

I wish I cared enough back then…

sodablue ❤️ 16 days ago

This too shall pass

sodablue 🙃 18 days ago

The thoughts are coming back again…*places head under hydraulic press* _(:’з」∠)_

sodablue ✅ 25 days ago

Finished my first assignment of the semester ONLY 2 DAYS after the suggested deadline (lol) Let's keep this up!!

sodablue 🍔 27 days ago

My 2nd time around eating a restaurant burger!! Feeling excited + hungry = IMPATIENT…

sodablue 💔 27 days ago

Losing the idgaf war

sodablue ✨ 27 days ago

New obsession : Pocket tissue case + zipper pouch combo

sodablue 🌧️ 28 days ago

Lonely hours...