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sodablue 💀 64 days ago

First time ever using stickers from my collection...Feeling so overwhelmed

sodablue 🙂 76 days ago

Losing my stuff makes me lose my mind

sodablue 😭 80 days ago

Crying reading my old convos bcuz why am I so awkward now. It’s so hard to talk

sodablue 😭 86 days ago

The pain of finally finding a good sunscreen but it burns your eyesss

sodablue 😭 89 days ago

It’s raining so hard right now, just thinking about Mimi makes me want to cry right now

sodablue 🥺 90 days ago

It’s going to rain in the afternoon…I hope Mimi stays dry

sodablue ✨ 90 days ago

Starting to get the hype for toners now

sodablue 🌱 104 days ago

Finally starting Drawabox...2024 is going to be the year I grow both as an artist and a person!!

sodablue 🍙 214 days ago

I hope I get the onigiri bag w/ my Hobonichi order

sodablue ❤️ 215 days ago

Ace with us

sodablue 🎱 217 days ago

Always expecting the worst

sodablue 📱 220 days ago

I want an escape to my own SEKAI and meet my therapy Miku

sodablue ❤️ 223 days ago

This too shall pass

sodablue 🙃 225 days ago

The thoughts are coming back again…*places head under hydraulic press* _(:’з」∠)_

sodablue 💔 235 days ago

Losing the idgaf war

sodablue ✨ 235 days ago

New obsession : Pocket tissue case + zipper pouch combo

sodablue 🌧️ 235 days ago

Lonely hours...