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I'm Smithy! Never really made my own site before and wanted to try it out especially with the way the internet is going nowadays I like to spend a good chunk of my time either looking at other people's sites or playing various video games currently obsessed with digimon!


smithykins 😴 1 day ago

tired as hell but working on my shit!! doin job apps and workin on my webbed comic! but first i gotta fix the css of the site

smithykins 😭 22 days ago

allergies are beating my ass

smithykins 💻 27 days ago

damn learning excel was easy as fuck

smithykins 😭 37 days ago

hoping i dont fuck this up

smithykins 💻 41 days ago

got into the job training program!! office job, here i come!

smithykins 🥰 46 days ago

olegmon's voice in the adv2020 english dub is so fucking good

smithykins 😡 50 days ago

losing interest in everything again i need a fuckin hysterectomy

smithykins 😶 51 days ago

slowly running out of money hopefully that job training program comes through and i can get some money from that

smithykins 🥳 56 days ago

finally got my fucking font working on my site hell yes!! now to work on css for my other pages...

smithykins 📚 60 days ago

hoping i get into this job training program