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slime 💀 17 days ago

may or may not have accidentally written over a bunch of progress in minecraft... RIP like 5 builds u_u

slime 🙂 21 days ago

caught up with the fiancee on dungeon meshi! feeling tooottally normal about laois (lying)

slime 🌧️ 30 days ago

almost out of room on neocities and it's made me too stressed to update aaaaaa

slime 👽 82 days ago

getting waytoo much into minecraft... feeling especially neurpdivergent lately

slime 👽 104 days ago

blacked out and wrote 3k for a 1st chapter for the fic i've been thinking abt writing for months

slime 👽 108 days ago

sleepy recovery day... aka 3ds and youtube in bed. currently thankful for lapdesks and green lightbulbs

slime 🐱 115 days ago

cuddling with my cat <3

slime 👽 117 days ago

working on a page about my hacked / modded 3ds :-)

slime 👽 122 days ago

started crocheting and went into a yarn-filled haze for about a month

slime 👽 157 days ago

finally have enough money for groceries yipee!

slime 😴 161 days ago

drinking white wine and playing vvvvvv

slime 🥰 172 days ago


slime 😴 183 days ago

resting up after meal prepping and doing some tidying up

slime ❤️ 187 days ago

cooked dinner with my partner listening to xmas tunes

slime 👽 189 days ago

doing some cleaning around the house + wrapping presents

slime 👽 191 days ago

i hate sending emails !!!!!!!

slime 🤒 191 days ago

stressing about graduation! ran into more hangups r.i.p