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20+ | He/They/It

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Your local sleepy transmasc dovahkiin and videogame junkie. ΘΔ

The best way to learn more about me is from my homepage. I am very bad at describing myself.👍

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Consider checking out my Ko-fi for my photography. It's all free including hi-rez downloads. :3


sleepycalaban 🥳 14 days ago

Now that I'm getting closer to being better I can finally start doing my Finch tasks again!

sleepycalaban 🌧️ 14 days ago

Stress exploded and now I just feel more drained than before. I'll be okay but will still be going through life quite slow.

sleepycalaban ❤️ 15 days ago

Got sick but finally starting to feel better and still messing around with things on the discord server. I love how it has turned out.

sleepycalaban ✨ 19 days ago

Forgot to update but I finished the server yesterday! I just added the button to the site. :3

sleepycalaban 💻 20 days ago

Slowly building up a discord server again. Will probably post the invite on my cohost once it's done I thinks

sleepycalaban 😶 24 days ago

I apparently need to rage sing more often than I do

sleepycalaban 🐱 24 days ago

Life has been hectic the past few days but my new cat, Oliver, is living his best life currently.

sleepycalaban 👀 31 days ago

Watched the fnaf movie and loved it. I need more rn

sleepycalaban 🥰 34 days ago

I really miss doing photography I really need to go more places so I can start doing more again.

sleepycalaban 🌈 38 days ago

If anyone was wondering the font used in the text boxes of Sally Face is called Boopee. 10/10

sleepycalaban 🔥 38 days ago

How do I always manage to get bullied as killer on dead by daylight. 🧍

sleepycalaban 🎶 39 days ago

Welp gotta reinstall soundcloud because I discovered I may like breakcore??? And found a dope ass song??

sleepycalaban 🥳 40 days ago

Finally set up my spacehey account @ sleepycalaban it only took me uhh a year (literally) 💀

sleepycalaban 🔥 40 days ago

2am dead by daylight because nobody can stop me

sleepycalaban 😭 41 days ago

My knee is not having it with existence today. P a i n

sleepycalaban ✨ 41 days ago

I have successfully implimented the code onto my homepage without blowing up my website :D