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20+ | He/They/It

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Your local sleepy transmasc dovahkiin and videogame junkie. ΘΔ

The best way to learn more about me is from my homepage. I am very bad at describing myself.👍

Pronouns/Adjectives Page

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Consider checking out my Ko-fi for my photography. It's all free including hi-rez downloads. :3


sleepycalaban ❤️ 17 days ago

Discord servers have been doing really good and updated my website to have descriptions about them as well. :3

sleepycalaban 🤔 50 days ago

Made a transgender discord server for older trans folk it's looking good so far just trying to figure out how I can make it even better.

sleepycalaban 🥰 74 days ago

Along with being on Neopets I'm also on Icepets now with the user SleepyWolf. It feels much less overwhelming than neopets to me :3

sleepycalaban 🐶 77 days ago

I'm on Neopets now! (I've technically have had the profile but hadn't actually used it until now) My user is SleepyCalabann :3

sleepycalaban 🥳 126 days ago

Finally got around to making a pronouns page. It's so nice having a place where I can put adjectives Im comfy with.

sleepycalaban 🎮 139 days ago

I need them to make the 3Ds again but even better. Plus a Tomodachi Life remake.

sleepycalaban 🤔 141 days ago

Brainstorming ideas of how I can improve parts of my website.

sleepycalaban 🥰 152 days ago

Getting back into games that give me heavy nostalgia like PvZ and Spore.

sleepycalaban 🤔 173 days ago

I have set up a blog profile on Dreamwidth just trying to figure out how to start. I missed doing this but now I have to relearn.

sleepycalaban 💻 183 days ago

Updated my website again to be a bit smoother and more organized with the code. Pretty happy with how it turned out.

sleepycalaban ❄️ 192 days ago

Found out the snowball discord bot still exists soooo bringing it back for winter and added it to my server!

sleepycalaban 🌈 196 days ago

Still have my roblox hyperfixation but on another note I've heavily improved my discord server. :D

sleepycalaban 🥳 214 days ago

Now that I'm getting closer to being better I can finally start doing my Finch tasks again!

sleepycalaban 🌧️ 215 days ago

Stress exploded and now I just feel more drained than before. I'll be okay but will still be going through life quite slow.

sleepycalaban ❤️ 215 days ago

Got sick but finally starting to feel better and still messing around with things on the discord server. I love how it has turned out.

sleepycalaban ✨ 219 days ago

Forgot to update but I finished the server yesterday! I just added the button to the site. :3

sleepycalaban 💻 220 days ago

Slowly building up a discord server again. Will probably post the invite on my cohost once it's done I thinks

sleepycalaban 😶 224 days ago

I apparently need to rage sing more often than I do

sleepycalaban 🐱 224 days ago

Life has been hectic the past few days but my new cat, Oliver, is living his best life currently.

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