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slams 🙂 83 days ago

Competitions soon

slams 🌱 89 days ago

We often suffer more in imagination than reality.

slams 😭 95 days ago

i fell off my bike ouch

slams 🎱 98 days ago

This project sucks, I want a good mark but its sooo boring

slams 🙂 99 days ago

my teef hurt

slams 🏆 114 days ago

Feeling motivated and determined!

slams 💡 114 days ago

Having a eureka moment with an idea is the best!

slams 📚 116 days ago

sometimes i feel like im not good at what i do

slams 💤 118 days ago

my memory is terrible

slams 🙂 118 days ago

i'm so busy

slams ❄️ 126 days ago

summers gone

slams 🙃 127 days ago

I am scared about the energy crisis and not having enough money for the winter

slams 💤 127 days ago

I should stop procrastinating

slams 🤩 128 days ago

cycling is fun

slams 🙂 146 days ago

I sold some of my old stuff. Getting rid of stuff you don't need feels nice