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~ Skylestia ~

i am a simple hobbyist >.< my main focus is writing, but i also code and i recently started doing art!


skylestia 🥱 47 days ago

I'm not tired but I'm also not not tired and I can't decide whether to sleep more

skylestia 😶 48 days ago

bugs used to be bigger back when dinos lived right, when it was hotter? does that mean bugs might get bigger again cuz of climate change?

skylestia 🤔 54 days ago

i might make a new index, one that's maybe less cluttered

skylestia 😎 54 days ago

i think i managed to mostly sidestep the burn out following a hyperfixation by just getting absorbed in rewatching old doctor who episodes

skylestia 🍔 55 days ago

just made cinnamon burgers, they were pretty good tbh but i wouldnt make them that often in favor of other stuff

skylestia 📺 57 days ago

i forgot how badly Rose treats Mickey i feel so bad for him

skylestia 🙂 58 days ago

rewatching doctor who cuz i missed a couple seasons & dont rly remember it but a character doom patrol put me in the mood for the doctor

skylestia 🙂 59 days ago

it is a really lovely day out! ☀️

skylestia 💤 60 days ago

actually didn't end up needing to rewrite the entire art page, just made it so categories are hidden by default, much easier 😎 now bed

skylestia 🤔 60 days ago

i'm going to completely rewrite my art page cuz i think it's too cluttered, especially as i continue adding more images

skylestia 🐱 62 days ago

i wonder if there are any cool new linux distros / DEs since i was last on linux like 3 years ago :o i used to use Gnome on Manjaro

skylestia 🤔 62 days ago

thinking about getting back on linux but im afraid i might be too integrated in the microsoft cloud now :c

skylestia 🙂 63 days ago

i ended up creating a guestbook for my site using html comment box and setting up deploy to neocities on github, so i did do stuff today

skylestia 😴 64 days ago

i'll probably do little to no work on any of my projects tomorrow/later, cuz i'm gonna try to fix my sleep schedule 🤞 also i sleep now

skylestia ❄️ 64 days ago

it's still so cold here! im used to it being warmer by now, it even snowed recently

skylestia ❤️ 66 days ago

watching doom patrol with my bf :3

skylestia 💤 66 days ago

well it looks like everything is working, imma go bed now

skylestia 💻 66 days ago

finally publishing the site! please bear with me as i upload everything!

skylestia 😛 67 days ago

1 more page to finish before publishing the site's changes. i would personally enjoy it a lot if i could publish my site on april fools lola

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