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~ Skylestia ~

i am a simple hobbyist >.< my main focus is writing, but i also code and i recently started doing art!


skylestia ✨ 177 days ago

i want an infinite supply of gum

skylestia 🙂 180 days ago

merry christmas, happy holidays!

skylestia 🙂 181 days ago

wish it was easier to find mmcx cables without the memory hook thingy, i prefer having the option of wearing my iems straight down

skylestia 🙂 186 days ago

if i could go back in time and tell my teen self anything, i would tell her not to drink coffee

skylestia 🤔 188 days ago

if i could only eat one food for the rest of my life and it wouldn't affect my health at all i would pick burgers, mac & cheese, or taquitos

skylestia 🙂 191 days ago

might get a new mic soon, that'll be cool. then i can finally make some new videos

skylestia 😛 196 days ago

how do i know if my characters are talking too much? lol

skylestia 📖 196 days ago

Writing a story with a family of chars all named with L names, & fam name Lewis. Leo Jr, Lily, Luna, Leon, Lucy, Luke. Best idea I ever had.

skylestia ☕️ 215 days ago

coffee 100% contributes to my tinnitus. after quitting coffee for a couple weeks my tinnitus was noticeably wayyy quieter

skylestia 💻 233 days ago

does anyone know a way to completely hide the win11 taskbar without killing explorer? it would be really nice for the setup im going for

skylestia 🙂 244 days ago

excited for halloween!

skylestia 🥰 254 days ago

it smells like fall today c: the first day this year that i've noticed it

skylestia 😯 260 days ago

What if we, the audience, actually watch Doctor Who from the perspective of the TARDIS? 🤔

skylestia 😛 275 days ago

best motivator to play fewer video games: i just dont have storage space for modern games

skylestia 🌙 339 days ago

all these game library clients claim to be "all your games in one place" but it never is tho

skylestia 🥱 429 days ago

I'm not tired but I'm also not not tired and I can't decide whether to sleep more

skylestia 😶 430 days ago

bugs used to be bigger back when dinos lived right, when it was hotter? does that mean bugs might get bigger again cuz of climate change?

skylestia 🤔 435 days ago

i might make a new index, one that's maybe less cluttered

skylestia 😎 436 days ago

i think i managed to mostly sidestep the burn out following a hyperfixation by just getting absorbed in rewatching old doctor who episodes

skylestia 🍔 436 days ago

just made cinnamon burgers, they were pretty good tbh but i wouldnt make them that often in favor of other stuff

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