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Hiya! Graphic illustrator, website designer & storyteller via words and audio! Susquehanna U alumni and staff. Helps with MAGFest. ✨💙✨


skittlesbeats 😭 197 days ago

thought it'd be easier to change my username but i suppose not... welp, guess i'll have to make a new one entirely maybe?

skittlesbeats 🥹 202 days ago

next update to the website will be the *new name* update! coming on wednesday, my birthday! stay tuned! i'm a little scared but excited!

skittlesbeats 🙂 208 days ago

made some pretty big changes to my lil home! hope your day is going well :3

skittlesbeats 😴 220 days ago

slow going today, tired (physically) & hoping things get a bit better by the weekend. it's TOO HOT! wanna update my site soon!!

skittlesbeats 🥹 230 days ago

feverishly been grinding splatoon catalog. but first, i have to finish this code jam submission haha

skittlesbeats 🥰 237 days ago

writing website content! finally getting back in the groove, just in time for a community code jam :)

skittlesbeats 😭 237 days ago

ugh i think i chose the worst time to get into at-home weightlifting because weights are EXPENSIVE

skittlesbeats 😱 241 days ago

arghhh if i want to update my website i should just DO IT but i'm writing content offline atm, teehee

skittlesbeats 💀 248 days ago

i haven't forgotten about you little website! went on vacation and coming back to work has been NUTS

skittlesbeats 💡 259 days ago

adding mouseover text all over my website. it's like a little scavenger hunt for bits and pieces of the lore of my site, haha :D

skittlesbeats 😭 264 days ago finna be my new twitter

skittlesbeats 🥳 265 days ago

really falling in love with my website rn, v0.2 is coming together :D - updates will be published in a sec lol

skittlesbeats 😱 266 days ago

this is for me to copy and paste into cl l8r: 7/21 - website redesign! changed the look and vibe of the whole thing, edges need smoothed!

skittlesbeats 🤩 266 days ago

COME ON BARBIE LET'S GO PARTY (seeing the movie later tonight!)

skittlesbeats 🙃 271 days ago

just changed my tire on the side of the highway on the ride home, man what a weekend lol

skittlesbeats 🙂 273 days ago

bought some funny lil magnets with my friends today!

skittlesbeats 😛 275 days ago

man not me thinking that those were dragon balls on the google search results today smh

skittlesbeats 💤 275 days ago

Early bedtimes suck... it's gonna be a long weekend too 🥱

skittlesbeats 🥳 275 days ago

First post! Can't wait to get this working on my website!