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sillylaird 🙂 474 days ago

going to re write my contact page here. been lazy on that.

sillylaird ❤️ 580 days ago

how everyone doing? updated my page im not sure what im going to keep.

sillylaird ✏️ 594 days ago

got a new tablet. can't wait to see what i'll do with it art wise. i think im going to mess with a new logo for my alias other then my pfp.

sillylaird 🎶 605 days ago

i have two music ideas im not sure which one i want to start first. i have a idea to get a roland tr 909 and a drum rack. like the keypads.

sillylaird ❤️ 605 days ago

moved around host providers. finally found the one i like which tends to be 1984hosting in iceland. it either that or openbsd amasterdam

sillylaird ❤️ 606 days ago

im looking at a roland tr 909 and stuff. to see what i can do.

sillylaird ❤️ 606 days ago

making new songs again. cant wait to see what i produce this week/month and i cancelled my music lessons so i can safe up toward more equip

sillylaird ❤️ 611 days ago

went to comic con and got some comics and other stuff for the room. i may post images of them soon when i re charge my phone.

sillylaird ❤️ 612 days ago

to get food and stuff im trying to keep my food storage for the stuff on that day so i dont have a lot of bad food in the fridge.

sillylaird ❤️ 612 days ago

im happy there a like more lightweight to mastodon and so on. woke up today and was being a bit lazy but had to go out with a family member

sillylaird ❤️ 613 days ago

very happy to wake up today. just reading some comics and talking to my social worker.

sillylaird ❤️ 614 days ago

hello im very happy

sillylaird ❤️ 614 days ago

i hope your safe gome

sillylaird 🎶 614 days ago

enjoying making my music. i posted some of them on my sound cloud. it very experimental right now but fun. on soundcloud.

sillylaird ❤️ 614 days ago

im glad i got back into runescape been playing runescape classic server it fun. i wish i started early

sillylaird 🙂 614 days ago

just working on some xhtml and i was thinking would it be possible with my website to use this in xhtml 1.0 strict with it being varified?