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shirako 🌧️ 48 days ago

not good

shirako πŸŒ™ 98 days ago

things have been a little on the fritz lately, but still doing ok. training program ends soon.

shirako 🌱 103 days ago

slowly working on updating site in full and adding/connecting pages. hoping to have it done in a few days...

shirako 🍷 106 days ago

Project submitted for now. Just waiting to the reviewer to get back to me. Next one is due at the start of July, which gives me more time.

shirako πŸ«– 110 days ago

Project due Sunday, working hard. Also still house hunting, have found a couple nice options. We’ll see how that goes.

shirako ✏️ 120 days ago

2nd project done, moving on to the next. This program will be done in July, looking forward to graduating.

shirako πŸ“– 139 days ago

still working as always. back home on the east coast. working on cohort project this week.

shirako ✏️ 146 days ago

still working, still training. same as always. more eventually.

shirako πŸ’» 171 days ago

brief hiatus while i work on trying to get a new job!

shirako ✈️ 179 days ago

Headed off to the West Coast in just a few days!

shirako β˜•οΈ 196 days ago

brunch tomorrow! super excited to munch a fried green tomato.

shirako πŸ“š 203 days ago

Busy busy busy next few weeks ahead. Hoping to get some free time again soon.

shirako 🍣 208 days ago

I have never been so excited for microwave popcorn

shirako 🌧️ 211 days ago

Finally gloomy for more than a day, I love the clouds, more rain please.

shirako 🌱 211 days ago

Calliope moments of our time

shirako πŸ“š 211 days ago

I meant to get more stuff done today, but that just didn’t happen. Aw well, will get a fresh start tomorrow :)

shirako 🌈 212 days ago

sour berry gushers are addictive i can’t stop eating them

shirako πŸ’€ 212 days ago

Time for a little nap, then more working on stuff later.