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shirako β˜•οΈ 17 days ago

brunch tomorrow! super excited to munch a fried green tomato.

shirako πŸ“š 23 days ago

Busy busy busy next few weeks ahead. Hoping to get some free time again soon.

shirako 🍣 28 days ago

I have never been so excited for microwave popcorn

shirako 🌧️ 31 days ago

Finally gloomy for more than a day, I love the clouds, more rain please.

shirako 🌱 32 days ago

Calliope moments of our time

shirako πŸ“š 32 days ago

I meant to get more stuff done today, but that just didn’t happen. Aw well, will get a fresh start tomorrow :)

shirako 🌈 32 days ago

sour berry gushers are addictive i can’t stop eating them

shirako πŸ’€ 32 days ago

Time for a little nap, then more working on stuff later.