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hi there! i do and make things on the compooter. also surprisingly energetic programmer!
the absolute realm


shinto 😭 4 days ago

why does earthboundcentral have to be down now

shinto 🙂 14 days ago

working on so many things.. but im having fun!!

shinto 🥱 19 days ago

was a long fun day yesterday. i'm beat whew!

shinto 🥳 19 days ago

yay it my birthday :>

shinto 🛼 20 days ago

roller skating with friends today!!

shinto 🛼 20 days ago

roller skating with friends today!!

shinto ☀️ 25 days ago


shinto 🤩 38 days ago

one more final to take and im outta here!!

shinto 🥱 47 days ago

waiting for summer break..

shinto ✨ 49 days ago

hosting and broadcasting a tournament tomorrow!

shinto 🥳 54 days ago

cant wait for the new bluey episodes today!!

shinto ✨ 56 days ago

wooo yeah woo mario movie day

shinto 🔥 57 days ago


shinto 🌧️ 65 days ago

yet another week of boring school

shinto 😎 66 days ago

about to go watch the new john wick movie with some buddies!

shinto ✨ 67 days ago

watching my best friend clutch up on stream at a jojo fighting tournament!!

shinto 💔 71 days ago

big sads. gotta drive back to campus today unfortunately.

shinto 🎬 74 days ago

everything everywhere all at once is the best movie i've ever seen omg

shinto 🥺 74 days ago

gee, the spring break is going by quite faster then i thought.

shinto 🎶 75 days ago

cant wait to have a listen to hypertrance 2 today!!

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