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shingles ❤️ 89 days ago

i love my friends <3

shingles 🌈 103 days ago

shitty basement ska show crossed off of the bucket list

shingles 😶 114 days ago

suddenly remembered Basinski's Disintegration Loops and now i'm experiencing the most intense wave of melancholy

shingles 💔 117 days ago

ggj theme and the organisation at my local venue sucks, dropping out bye

shingles ☀️ 118 days ago

gamejam starting today wahoo

shingles 🤒 128 days ago

boy howdy i think i'm getitng sick

shingles 🙃 200 days ago

someone on this bus is wearing strong cologne and i am dying /neg

shingles 🤐 207 days ago

struggling not to infodump about fnv again