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sheepish 🙂 41 days ago

sheepish index updated once again lol

sheepish 🙂 52 days ago

Haven't had the time to redesign sheepish or even check neocities, I hope I get back into it soon. I purchased a hobonichi planner as well!

sheepish 🍦 77 days ago

Watching Priscilla and eating ice cream while sitting in the dark. Life is good

sheepish 🤔 78 days ago

I like iframes and all but I think I'm an outbound page girl at heart... tba?

sheepish 🥰 78 days ago

recently am obsessed with visiting and finding sozai sites! so many goodies tehe

sheepish 🥹 80 days ago

Been drinking too much caffeine and not sleeping enough.. Now my left eye's been twitching!