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Hi, name's Shabble!

I am a minty flying pony from the far lands of mintland... or just Costa Rica.
I am pansexual, polyamorous, and nonbinary. He, she, or they? Up to you!
I'm also autistic, speak Spanish, have a terrible memory, and am kind of a stupid dork.
Please visit my home if you'd like to know more about me, ask me questions, or just play Bejeweled. Don't worry, I don't bite :P


shabble 🔥 4 days ago

the new sonic frontiers update is AWESOME

shabble 😎 15 days ago

had a nice time at the beach this weekend :)

shabble 🎮 25 days ago

bejeweled 3 is finally playable in my site again! in case anyone was waiting for it, which i kinda doubt lol

shabble 🥱 35 days ago

why am i always so sleepy help

shabble 🥳 36 days ago

pls wish my friend and online brother twilymemes a happy birthday i think he would really appreciate it

shabble 🥱 42 days ago

school is tiring why do i have to get up at 5 am i wanna be on my bed

shabble 😭 51 days ago

my hard drive where i had all my games on died now i'll be bored forever

shabble 🥱 52 days ago

boring day today, someone play minecraft with me pls

shabble 🥰 57 days ago

i love choccy milk sm

shabble 😴 60 days ago

just had to walk all the way to school under the sun for literally nothing, damn i'm tired

shabble 🎮 61 days ago

just added a new game to my site: sonic advance 2 for the gba! now imma go back to being too lazy to update my blog lmao

shabble 😛 62 days ago

Hey y'all I'm new here this looks like a pretty chill spot