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Hi, name's Shabble!

I am a flying pony from the far land of Ponyville... or maybe actually just from Costa Rica.
I am pansexual and nonbinary. She, he, or they? Up to you!
I'm also autistic, speak Spanish, am trying to learn Italian, have a terrible memory, and am kind of a stupid dork.
Please visit my home if you'd like to know more about me, ask me questions, or just play Bejeweled. Don't worry, I won't bite :P


shabble 🌈 22 days ago

happy 30 DAYS OF GAY to every GAY and HALF GAY out there

shabble 💀 23 days ago

my mom and my brother were watching skibidi toilet on the tv

shabble ✨ 25 days ago


shabble 😱 54 days ago

omg i finally did it i updated my site

shabble 🥱 80 days ago

why is every day so boring

shabble 😴 216 days ago

i should really stop procrastinating and actually work on

shabble 😴 258 days ago

i hate fancy clothes

shabble 🙂 299 days ago


shabble ✅ 332 days ago

will start merging my site with twily's as soon as i can pay for neocities supporter again

shabble 😭 340 days ago

vacation over :(

shabble 🙂 340 days ago

vacation over T~T

shabble 🥳 358 days ago


shabble 🙂 368 days ago

woooo pridemonth

shabble 🥳 382 days ago

being 18 now hits different

shabble 😭 399 days ago

i'm soooo gonna fail the school year

shabble 🥱 439 days ago

school starts again tomorrow twt

shabble 🔥 456 days ago

the new sonic frontiers update is AWESOME

shabble 😎 467 days ago

had a nice time at the beach this weekend :)

shabble 🎮 477 days ago

bejeweled 3 is finally playable in my site again! in case anyone was waiting for it, which i kinda doubt lol

shabble 🥱 487 days ago

why am i always so sleepy help

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