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sera 23 they/them
new to indie web <3 graphics girlie forever


serasworld 🏆 12 days ago

walked for graduation this weekend... im so glad i didn't give up, i'm so glad i'm here

serasworld ❤️ 17 days ago

may is being kind to me so far. pls let it keep being kind

serasworld ✨ 23 days ago

manifesting an internship interview

serasworld 🙂 24 days ago

after effects has crashed on me seven times now so like if my forehead has any indent marks from my keyboard thats why

serasworld 🤐 25 days ago

imagine having free time to work on passion projects

serasworld 🥗 25 days ago

on the bright side. paneras balsamic chicken salad, orange scone and charged lemonade (not sponz)

serasworld 🙂 25 days ago

cant get meds refilled bc everywhere is out of stock. this is the last week of the semester. doing this on hard mode ig

serasworld 🥰 26 days ago

me n pardner cleaned the house today and danced to records and i can physically feel the stress lifting off my back

serasworld 🌈 30 days ago

inspired as fuuuuuck bro (the sun is out and ive been taking my meds consistently)

serasworld 💤 32 days ago

so much to do for such a sleepy lil guy

serasworld 🍾 33 days ago

going to a local show tonightttt weeeeeeee

serasworld 💀 37 days ago

the adhd is winning today

serasworld 🌧️ 39 days ago

i <3 the thing where the raindrops stick on ur window screen and the sun shnes through them. chefs kiss

serasworld 👽 39 days ago

slowly sinking in that im graduating colleg in less than a month aaaand it makes me want to throw up a lil bit

serasworld 🤩 39 days ago

crippling headache from crying last night but yolo fuck it we ball

serasworld 🙃 44 days ago

i do not want to touch adobe after effects right now but i will. i WILL

serasworld 🤩 44 days ago

im so swag (has 45 missing assignments)

serasworld 😎 48 days ago

creating my homepage!!!!! finally!!!! immense joy getting into an old hobby ugh this is healing my inner child so hard