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septic 📺 59 days ago

"Sir, I protest. I am not a merry man."

septic ⛵ 61 days ago

writing my starship-sunday post for next week!!!

septic 🌙 61 days ago

“'Oochy-woochy coochy-coo,' captain?"

septic 👽 62 days ago

"It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life."

septic 💡 132 days ago

i made acork board thingy for all my sticky note doodles and sketches!!

septic ☀️ 133 days ago

good news everyone! i have landed my first kickflip.

septic 💤 135 days ago

what is up

septic 💤 136 days ago

i am watchig simpsons

septic 🌙 138 days ago

searching for a pc to buy on fb marketplace!!!!!

septic 🎤 138 days ago

it is radhiohead time

septic 🌙 140 days ago

i added jpnese text like those jpnese neon signs hehe

septic 💤 141 days ago

sooper dooper boored

septic 📚 142 days ago

me when i have to study the language i chose to study

septic 🙂 143 days ago

veni sedi vidi

septic 😴 143 days ago

im soo tired i fell asleep late and woke up early

septic ☀️ 144 days ago

rea]ly sunny today!!!

septic ☀️ 148 days ago


septic 🐶 201 days ago

supposed to be sleeping

septic 🐱 201 days ago

nothings new :\

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