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septic 🐶 1 day ago

supposed to be sleeping

septic 🐱 1 day ago

nothings new :\

septic 📰 182 days ago

i need to find 45 flags because i accidentally missed a whole month for FOTD

septic ✏️ 226 days ago

sorry for not updating in ages!! i got a domain name, yipee!!!

septic 📖 256 days ago

i have school on the third :(

septic 💤 259 days ago

sorry i forgot the flag of the day for today :-(

septic 🌙 262 days ago

the pursuit of significance is but an eluding mirage; forever out of reach, taunting.

septic ✏️ 263 days ago

made the nav buttons sink on hover and i think it looks pretty cool :-)

septic 🌧️ 264 days ago

rebranding my site; cleaned out the whole website, it wont stay like this

septic 🌙 265 days ago

contemplating changing the nav bar to vertical

septic 🌧️ 265 days ago

was gonna change my site theme to terraria but im glad i didnt because it looked ass

septic 🙂 265 days ago

figured out how to automatically push my site to github every day at 12 aa

septic 😭 266 days ago

going insane trying to clean my site's dir