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he/they ~ Hiya! Whenever I have free time, I design graphics, code websites & tell stories. Previously SkittlesBeats on the web. ✨💙✨


sephlow 🌈 45 days ago

happy pride month!

sephlow 😭 97 days ago

work has been utterly stressful, and it's not even graduation that's stressful! it's everything after... sigh...

sephlow 💔 131 days ago

rest in peace akira toriyama. you were and will always be an inspiration to me and budding artists everywhere, forever.

sephlow 🌧️ 132 days ago

it's been rainy for the past few days, i hope it lightens up by the weekend!

sephlow 🥱 137 days ago

so eepy from updating my website again... really wanted to do it though and i learned something new too :)

sephlow ✨ 157 days ago

website FINALLY updated! and it's a big one too! i kinda just plugged away at it tonight while AFK in Minecraft, and it came out great!

sephlow 😭 163 days ago

Ugh, it's been too long... I need to stop being so Minecraft-pilled and actually work on my website some of these nights...

sephlow 🤔 203 days ago

Just published my annual Creative Career post on Bluesky... website updates soon for sure!

sephlow 🥳 226 days ago

Built a PC! Website updates may slow down a bit as I try to work on a solution for coding on this thing, maybe? Love you guys!

sephlow 💻 236 days ago

Worked on my website for two days straight! Very happy! I'm also building a PC next week!

sephlow 🌧️ 239 days ago

so many things have happened this month... perhaps new section of Currently to include "thinking about" lol. Website updates coming Friday!

sephlow 💔 246 days ago

date #4 was not this sunday. she got sick. i've been so lonely ever since T^T

sephlow 🙃 250 days ago

nervous about life, anxious even. prepping for a job interview that could change the course of my life. date #4 this sunday though :)

sephlow 😭 253 days ago

so much going on this week, not enough time to update my site... so sad!

sephlow 😛 262 days ago

site updated, all is right with the world. definitely want to work on it some more! but for now, getting ready for a second date :D

sephlow 👀 264 days ago

sorry for the lack of website updates, work has consumed me for a few weekends + Super Mario Wonder is so much!! gonna try to update tmrw!

sephlow 🤩 275 days ago

went on a date awesome and it was so epic & lovely :D

sephlow 🥺 279 days ago

sorry for no website updates, been very busy with work — and this week has SUCKED. hoping to work on it tmrw, i took a sick day :)

sephlow 🙂 283 days ago

new, also sorry if my site looks dated? meant to push an update during the week, other projects + work had me busy!

sephlow 🙂 288 days ago

welp. starting anew with sucks that you can't just change your username here but ah well