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sephiroth 🎮 12 days ago

about to play Corn Kidz 64... : )

sephiroth ❄️ 16 days ago

living in God's survival horror game

sephiroth 🎶 57 days ago

decorated the living room!! it was so fun...

sephiroth 📚 59 days ago

gotta try and finish a huge essay in a single day.. wish me luck TT_TT

sephiroth 🏆 60 days ago

The Super Special Awesome Website Award for September goes to... AllyRat World! Congratulations <3

sephiroth 🎮 78 days ago

the first ever crisis event is really cute

sephiroth 📚 80 days ago

catching up on four classes worth of readings rn

sephiroth 🍔 82 days ago

bison is just my favorite food now

sephiroth ❤️ 88 days ago

picked up some yarn today so i can try to learn to crochet the next free chance i get : )

sephiroth 💤 89 days ago

i hope i can get a few days of peace before school starts

sephiroth 😭 89 days ago

aghhhh school : ( noooo

sephiroth 📰 91 days ago

Completed Silent Hill 4: The Room. Walter is cool.

sephiroth 🌈 92 days ago

the Sonic CD OST always puts me in such a good mood

sephiroth 😴 95 days ago

One more week until I can rest. Fingers crossed.

sephiroth 🌈 103 days ago

might be (finally) getting a car........... oh my goodness..... that will make going to school SOOO much easier

sephiroth ☀️ 104 days ago

finally getting used to my new diet

sephiroth ✨ 104 days ago

na-na.... nananananananaaa... katamari damacyyyyyyyyyyyy ~

sephiroth 🌧️ 108 days ago

feeling really sick today from detoxing... also, im excited for my beads and my ps2 to usb adapter to come in the mail

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