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sephiroth ✨ 38 days ago

Found Shiny Oddish after 4148 random encounters in Pokemon FireRed!! : D

sephiroth 📚 49 days ago

cannot wait for exams to be over...

sephiroth ✨ 56 days ago

after a year of on and off hunting... I finally found my Celadon Game Corner Clefairy in FireRed!!

sephiroth ✈️ 75 days ago

airport time in a few hours!!

sephiroth 💤 78 days ago

so tired of school ... i need a break

sephiroth 🙃 85 days ago

my prof has me so stressed out

sephiroth ✏️ 92 days ago

the subtle art of writing a scholarly paper on the worst book you've ever had to read in your life without giving away your true feelings

sephiroth ✨ 98 days ago

the temptation to order ff8 doujinshi is severe rn

sephiroth ☕️ 101 days ago

it has been a really rough week -_-

sephiroth 🌈 103 days ago

can't wait to play Theatrhythm Final Bar Line!!!

sephiroth ✏️ 105 days ago

finished my fic in time to make it into the collection for the event going on this week!!

sephiroth 🐶 107 days ago

started playing Nintendogs + Cats for the 3DS.... it's... so... cute !!!!!

sephiroth ❄️ 112 days ago

playing minecraft on a snow day : )

sephiroth 🥰 112 days ago

im so happy that i pushed through today with confidence and said what i wanted to say <3

sephiroth ❄️ 114 days ago

the snow looks so magical this morning

sephiroth 🌧️ 115 days ago

strange nightmares, woke up before dawn, feeling really sad. the wind outside sounds nice...

sephiroth 🥳 116 days ago

joined my first webring!! yay!!!

sephiroth 🌧️ 118 days ago

my sleep schedule is so weird right now.. i hardly sleep

sephiroth ✏️ 119 days ago

finally updated my AO3 and uploaded two new fics!!

sephiroth 💤 120 days ago

snnzzz.... nesting under a bunch of blankets, it's peaceful and quiet

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