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Hey I'm Sen!
I draw, write, and sing sometimes.
I like anime, cartoons, music, reading, etc.
Check out my site for more detailed posts and art!


senflyer 🎁 1 day ago

My site is 3 months old now!

senflyer 🎶 11 days ago

Listening to Sacabambaspis (English Cover)!

senflyer ❤️ 14 days ago

Happy Valentine's Day!

senflyer 🤒 22 days ago

Am sick. Will update site more later.

senflyer 🎶 28 days ago

Listening to Digital Hallucination by OR3O!

senflyer ✏️ 32 days ago

Still editing upcoming blog posts lol

senflyer 🎁 32 days ago

My site is 2 months old today! Time goes by fast lol

senflyer 🎮 35 days ago

Pixel art is cool!

senflyer ❄️ 37 days ago

It's been so chilly this week!

senflyer 🎤 41 days ago

Had fun doing karaoke!

senflyer 🎶 48 days ago

Listening to HoloMyth's Re:Union!

senflyer 😭 50 days ago

I can't believe MatPat is leaving as host of Game Theory

senflyer 😴 51 days ago

Feeling brain foggy and overwhelmed. 😵‍💫 Will probably take a break for a few days.

senflyer 📚 52 days ago

Need to get back into practicing Japanese. Zatsus count as immersion right? lol

senflyer 📺 53 days ago

I forgot how funny Close Enough was. RIP shows lost by the 2022 HBO MAX purge. 🙏

senflyer ✏️ 54 days ago

I keep getting more ideas for my site and having to redo things. I hope I can go back to creating soon. lol