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sec 🙂 51 days ago

the way i put 5 hours into procastinating for essay and 2 into actually working on the essay should be studied in schools

sec 🙂 59 days ago

i feel less fatigued than usual.

sec 😡 59 days ago

when is my cough going away!

sec 🙂 61 days ago

lmfao wild shit happening at twt atm

sec 🙂 64 days ago

still sick

sec 🙂 64 days ago

still sick 24 hrs later

sec 🙂 65 days ago

think im developing a cold

sec 💀 65 days ago

been feeling pain akin to period cramps but nothing is coming..i feel so restless

sec 🥱 66 days ago

anyways...the dishes are waiting

sec 🙃 66 days ago

trying to do your best is hard when everyones acting snippy and irritated towards you

sec ✨ 66 days ago

no longer sleepy. lets begin the daaaaay

sec 💤 66 days ago

kinda wish my sleep quality had been still so tired..

sec 💔 66 days ago

neck pain keeping me up at night

sec 🙂 66 days ago

i want to work again so bad, but i need to focus on sorting out my study situation first. being poor is so boring

sec 💤 66 days ago

just finished a study session with my essay mate. i feel a bit tired, but i dont want to sleep my summer vacation today..