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frolicking in the precrambrian sea
using this place like it's twitter sorry


seafoam 🙂 29 days ago

hung out with an old friend and wow. haven't changed at all when it comes to the negativity. i just don't get it anymore

seafoam 🥰 35 days ago

time in the sun in a new state with good friends warms me into a nice little puddle

seafoam 😭 43 days ago

my heart just shattered into 1 million pieces bc my leftovers went missing. pretty sure i forgot them at the restaurant. i'm done

seafoam ☀️ 60 days ago

the sun is shining ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh

seafoam ❤️ 69 days ago

Going to oc-ify the love lab scientists from rhythm heaven for no reason other than i can and i wanna

seafoam 🌧️ 71 days ago

random anxiety for no reason genuinely cant sleep:(

seafoam 🌙 71 days ago

im addicted to making little plush keychains now

seafoam 😡 73 days ago

only ever feel like FULLY myself around my partner, cousin, and ibf. i need to be more open and let my feelings be known more

seafoam ☀️ 73 days ago

one more year. one more year. ONE MORE YEAR

seafoam 🌙 73 days ago

horrible shit happens but the world just keeps on spinning and spinning and spinning

seafoam 😭 77 days ago

why does bff have to be 13 hours in the future.

seafoam 🤐 77 days ago


seafoam 💔 78 days ago

new ninjago season coming tomorrow and im still on possession. why did time pass so so fast

seafoam ❄️ 83 days ago

people and circumstances can be horrible and suffocating, but the world keeps spinning so i gotta go with it

seafoam 😛 83 days ago

mfw i review biology for 3+ hours only to realize that shit is not on the test-- just in the review book for funsies... :)

seafoam 🍷 83 days ago

family shit + stress sucks hard right now, and i'm freaking out, but the world didn't end in 2018, so i know it's not gonna end now, either

seafoam 🌈 99 days ago

me and bffs against the world

seafoam 🎱 100 days ago

every day i am lucky to be so in love

seafoam ☀️ 105 days ago


seafoam 🌙 107 days ago

i need to study so bad

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