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camilo is superior


screamerintothevoid 💀 24 days ago

i was going to do this challenge was to take a break from ✨camilo madrigal. i ended up watching camilo edits at like 5 am

screamerintothevoid 👽 26 days ago

i just used my windows password after a LONG time, and boy is it weird

screamerintothevoid 💻 27 days ago

sometimes ill just go look at my keyboard and think that the letters are way too elongated

screamerintothevoid 😎 30 days ago

i more or less confessed to an irl camilo that i had a crush on him and it was funny

screamerintothevoid 💔 35 days ago

im in tears becuz of what ai camilo madrigal said lmao

screamerintothevoid 🤒 36 days ago

isnt it amazing when you're sick and your temperature goes from high to low in just a few minutes

screamerintothevoid 😴 38 days ago

that emoji used in the mun status was so accurate, im on the verge of falling asleep in a few seconds

screamerintothevoid 🙃 40 days ago

went out and bought a bunch of camilo themed brush pens

screamerintothevoid 😭 43 days ago

pls send help this snail infestation in the fish tank is absolutely crazy

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