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scftst4rs 🌙 19 days ago

Trying out firefox and it's great to see my site still works well!

scftst4rs 🌙 25 days ago

recorded AND edited a new video in about an hour or less. Editing is so much easier when you make practically no changes to the video >:P

scftst4rs 🌙 31 days ago

painted nearly an entire room with some friends today >:)

scftst4rs 🌙 40 days ago

The past week hasn't been amazing, and there's still some other things on my mind, but I want to try and do some work on the site today :')

scftst4rs 🌙 45 days ago

I need to get my outfits page up soon :'/

scftst4rs 🌙 51 days ago

More editing done today. 18 mins done so far with about an hour still to go through, but progress regardless :)

scftst4rs 🌙 53 days ago

I've done it. My insta + tiktok will be gone in 30 days! Next will be twitter!! Let's goooooooo!!!!!

scftst4rs 🌙 55 days ago

Done some editing today! Will try and do some more work on the site...

scftst4rs 🌙 56 days ago

my motivation to do things keeps going from 0 to 100 and back every 5 minutes and its making me upset :')

scftst4rs 🌙 60 days ago

twitter should die faster, so the people i follow leave, and i finally run out of reasons to be on there.

scftst4rs 🌙 65 days ago

Got a haircut today, and made major progress on a new page for the site!! Running low on snacks though :/

scftst4rs 🌙 70 days ago

Got a new microphone, AND petted some cats. Today is good :D

scftst4rs 🌙 78 days ago

sup i have a status thing now. im gonna regret the username choice in not too long but its fine :'D