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sanguineroyal 💔 96 days ago

I thought about cutting up the animals she crocheted for me, but i started crying when I attempted to do it. Stuffed away in a drawer now.

sanguineroyal 💔 96 days ago

My partner broke up with me and im hurting. Nothing hurts your self concept more than being told that they crafted an identity for you.

sanguineroyal 💾 98 days ago

Feelings that I had growing up about wasting time and needing to be loved by everyone are resurfacing :-)

sanguineroyal 🌱 98 days ago

Other people's mistreatment of me is a reflection of them & not my character

sanguineroyal 💔 99 days ago

I know that i'll be okay but honestly? I am sad and hurting right now. And that's okay too.

sanguineroyal 💔 100 days ago

I understand that this might not have anything to do with me, but my feelings are valid too & i deserve to process them any way i need to

sanguineroyal 😡 100 days ago

I don’t even know if i should be annoyed, angry, or concerned at this point.

sanguineroyal 💀 101 days ago

I really be like "I miss the rage" and the rage in question was my untreated mental illness & inability to maintain relationships

sanguineroyal ❤️ 114 days ago

I am not a fraud for not being into things as long as everyone else. Everyone had to start somewhere.

sanguineroyal ❤️ 114 days ago

I am giving myself permission to explore new interests that my depression did not allow me to explore growing up.

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