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sanguineroyal 💤 16 days ago

Healing my inner child while my inner teenager is screaming

sanguineroyal 🥱 18 days ago

When i got into that relationship my self esteem was extremely low so as fucked up as it sounds…im happy to be single?

sanguineroyal 🥱 18 days ago

okay cool so my ex did like me at some point she’s just too emotional unavailable to be in a relationship right now which tbh….is fine

sanguineroyal 🔥 19 days ago

I’m not trying to become a better person to make her jealous. I’m simply channeling my anger into something productive.

sanguineroyal 🙂 20 days ago

Feminine rage is good. I don’t want to be the angel of the house. I want to be bitter & difficult to love. Vengeful.

sanguineroyal 🔥 20 days ago

how she treated me last is the most recent version of her.

sanguineroyal 🌙 20 days ago

Writing blog posts is free therapy

sanguineroyal 🌙 20 days ago

i hate feeling anger. it's not who i am at all. i am love and light

sanguineroyal 😡 20 days ago

I am irritated because I am feeling cognitive dissonance about my recent break up.

sanguineroyal 😡 20 days ago

I am irritated because I am experiencing a change in routine

sanguineroyal 🌙 25 days ago

I really do think that we were “right people, wrong time”.

sanguineroyal 💔 26 days ago

I thought about cutting up the animals she crocheted for me, but i started crying when I attempted to do it. Stuffed away in a drawer now.

sanguineroyal 💔 26 days ago

My partner broke up with me and im hurting. Nothing hurts your self concept more than being told that they crafted an identity for you.

sanguineroyal 💾 27 days ago

Feelings that I had growing up about wasting time and needing to be loved by everyone are resurfacing :-)

sanguineroyal 🌱 27 days ago

Other people's mistreatment of me is a reflection of them & not my character

sanguineroyal 💔 28 days ago

I know that i'll be okay but honestly? I am sad and hurting right now. And that's okay too.

sanguineroyal 💔 29 days ago

I understand that this might not have anything to do with me, but my feelings are valid too & i deserve to process them any way i need to

sanguineroyal 😡 29 days ago

I don’t even know if i should be annoyed, angry, or concerned at this point.

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