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samzambiekat 😭 367 days ago

My pc is broken and my eczema is super bad rn, so tired and in pain agh

samzambiekat 🙃 374 days ago

I wish people on omegle (text) weren't so weird, i wanna chat to someone I'm bored asf but everyone just tried ti flirt 😭

samzambiekat 😭 375 days ago

My computer is broken again. I tried resetting it and it blue screened during it and now won't boot at all 😭😭

samzambiekat 🤒 375 days ago

I brought the samyang sauce and I lit cant stop taking lil sips or adding it to everything and now I feel so sick help

samzambiekat 🍣 375 days ago

Constantly craving Samyang noodles and sushi.