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samshine 😶 275 days ago

going to try actually working and programming today but i am SO TIRED

samshine ✨ 289 days ago

workdebt is smaller, but executive dysfunction is KICKING MY ASS. am i gonna catch up at home in the afternoon? no, im gonna download VS >:)

samshine 🥰 295 days ago

actually good day!! chronic pain is bad and i have like 7 assignments to do, but also gender euphoria and radio company fixes all <33

samshine 🔥 298 days ago

if he pulls the same shit again im going to actually cry

samshine 💤 298 days ago

ough im so eepy,,, miss boyfriend,,,

samshine 🔥 301 days ago

istg if these people dont stop bugging me and being loud and bitchy im going to actually go insane

samshine 😴 301 days ago

very very tired and have to study,,, need inspo for new page too