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Howdy, I'm Salty. (F/26/USA)

My current mood is:
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🧌 You can find me crouched like a little goblin behind a computer screen staring at website code, or possibly in my backyard casting spells with my three cats and my wife.

⚒️ I'm currently hyperfixated on crafting my website (linked above), documenting my extensive old tech and software collection, and cranking out drum'n'bass tracks.


saltedslug 🛹 22 hours ago

The wife and I watched the OG Fast & Furious movie last night, and it was way better than I remember. So campy and gay, honestly. The fits!!

saltedslug 🥺 2 days ago

I am simping for my wife extra hard today because she got a septum piercing and it looks SO GOOD!!! She was so excited about it, i love her!

saltedslug 🎶 9 days ago

I would love to know consumer statistics about which GTA: San Andreas radio stations were the most popular to choose..

saltedslug 🤩 11 days ago

The wife and I made dinner together tonight, and it was delicious. Pancakes w/ nectarines, bacon, and walnuts chopped up n sauteed in syrup.

saltedslug 🎬 14 days ago

My wife has never seen Sam Raimi's masterpiece, Spiderman. I am showing it to her right now, and god it's even better than I remember! 10/10

saltedslug 🌙 17 days ago

my wife and i watch a movie almost every night and rate them in a little spreadsheet. tonight's movie is, "the last unicorn"

saltedslug ❄️ 32 days ago

first day in forever it's below 100 degrees outside. feels like fall, and i'm living for it

saltedslug 🔥 37 days ago

120 degree heat index yesterday. this shit bites.

saltedslug 😎 63 days ago

today I'm fixing the archive server that I broke the other day with a good ol' rm -rf in the wrong directory. I'm a good sysadmin :)

saltedslug ✨ 65 days ago

song of the day - dirty work by steely dan. classic 70s soft rock, what a damn barn burner.

saltedslug 💻 66 days ago

coding away at a few new things for the site today :)

saltedslug 🔥 69 days ago

feelin' flocky flocky today

saltedslug 🤖 71 days ago

extra autistic and gay today - listening to breakcore and dnb only

saltedslug 🌈 73 days ago

feelin' like "cash in cash out" has one of the best animated videos i've seen in mainstream music for awhile

saltedslug 🤒 74 days ago

funemployed so i've just spent 2 hours photographing tshirts in 100 degree weather to sell for side money. global warming is a myth amirite

saltedslug 💻 84 days ago

pixatool is on sale on!! i use it all the time to convert images to pixel art, this is not self promo!!

saltedslug 🤖 85 days ago

Browsing around Cohost today. If you aren't there, it's like Mastodon/Tumblr rolled into one except more gay and less white-male-dominated

saltedslug 🔥 86 days ago

Sat down for an hour and wrote a little stylesheet for my Status.Cafe page. Added an iMood thing too :) rip the CSS out if you want it, idc!

saltedslug 👀 86 days ago

feelin' goofy today. might spend all day coding my website for the third day straight.