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Howdy, I'm Salty. (F/26/USA)

🧌 You can find me crouched like a little goblin behind a computer screen staring at website code, or possibly in my backyard casting spells with my three cats and my wife.

⚒️ I'm currently hyperfixated on crafting my website (linked above), documenting my extensive old tech and software collection, and cranking out drum'n'bass tracks.


saltedslug 🥺 3 days ago

You're awake? New site update just dropped, better cop while you can

saltedslug 😴 9 days ago

I've had such a block on updating my website... not sure why, I've been working on it a ton. Just can't seem to finish anything lately!

saltedslug 🤖 29 days ago

my carpal tunnel hurts >:(

saltedslug ❤️ 61 days ago

My 2007 gamer PC is finally working after a hefty battle with PCIe version incompatibilities. Vista is more beautiful than I remember <3

saltedslug 🐱 70 days ago

i love my wife <3 she's hot, have u seen my wife shrine? go find it

saltedslug 😎 74 days ago

Finally finished my 2006 period-correct gaming PC build. It's sooo sick, I'm installing Vista on it right now. Can't wait to share pictures!

saltedslug 😴 91 days ago

my mid-2000s pc build is becoming a money pit... >:(

saltedslug 👽 105 days ago

i've re-developed my addiction to halo infinite :(

saltedslug ☕️ 126 days ago

My office has a restaurant-grade coffee pot (stocked with our tribe's in-house coffee) I am now perpetually BUZZIN' off that shit!!!

saltedslug 🍔 131 days ago

one of my favorite things about the Midwest is the wood-panelled "Post Diner" cafe-type joint - IYKYK

saltedslug 🍔 132 days ago

nothing like a fresh glass of iced coffee and a hot dog with mayo and mustard to hit the spot during the after-work gamer session fr

saltedslug 🌙 133 days ago

I've really been enjoying playing "Mind Over Magic"!!! It's a colony sim/dungeon crawl hybrid game, but set in a low-poly magic school.

saltedslug 👀 138 days ago

i have this ominous feeling that really shitty homages to great old RTS games are going to flood steam this year...

saltedslug 💤 158 days ago

I started a new IT job this week. It's been really good so far, but it's so exhausting to learn a whole new network and systems.

saltedslug 💤 163 days ago

month 2 of insomnia is a real killer

saltedslug 👽 167 days ago

Just released the third revision and new layout of my website!!! Go check it outtttt it's so sick

saltedslug 💻 174 days ago

coding away on the new edition of my website. i've been saying that for months and months now. but i am actually making progress i swear.

saltedslug 🙂 246 days ago

posted a new round of .gifs to!!!

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