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sagelyyy 💤 229 days ago

Anyways. Time for bed!

sagelyyy 😴 237 days ago

Kind of just want to loaf around and not deal with family..oh well

sagelyyy 💤 240 days ago

Feeling exhausted today...

sagelyyy 😎 248 days ago

Woo, productive morning! Did some programming, got food shopping done, did my laundry, and its only 10am! 💪

sagelyyy 🔥 248 days ago

Wooo gettin' that typescript work done! Its not so bad when you get into it.

sagelyyy 🤖 249 days ago

Typescript time

sagelyyy 😭 250 days ago

I just bought my 512gb Steam Deck less than a month ago and they just announced the OLED version today whyyyy

sagelyyy 🤖 250 days ago

Time to sit down and start digging into Typescript..

sagelyyy 🤔 254 days ago

I don't get Indeed/LinkedIn...are you just supposed to add people related to the field you want to get into? Seems weird..

sagelyyy 😭 254 days ago

Monday...blegh. Need to work on my coding project but have to go to work...sigh.

sagelyyy 😴 255 days ago

Tired, but don't want to sleep

sagelyyy 😡 256 days ago

Why does my git repo keep getting corrupted 🤬

sagelyyy 💩 257 days ago

What a day..

sagelyyy 🛣️ 258 days ago

Time to go to work 🚛

sagelyyy 💥 258 days ago

Cant sleep!

sagelyyy 💤 258 days ago

Bed time...

sagelyyy 🛸 258 days ago

Coding and vibing

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