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hi my names sadie, im a 21 yr old autistic furry catgirl with a special love for music, pokemon, splatoon, art, mlp, deltaruneundertale, clone high, and jojos bizzare adventure and more! i like to live a quiet life being online, i hope my brain clouds formed into thoughts warms you. thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.


sadie 🌈 255 days ago

cant wait to find someone who i can be close to, lied to myself thinking it already happened

sadie 🙃 270 days ago

wish i wasnt being told i was refusing to engage in someones intrests when said person wont even engage in art theone thing i love the most

sadie 🌈 281 days ago

i turned 21 yetserday! had a great day today too i hope tomorrow makes 3

sadie 🌧️ 294 days ago

so exhausted

sadie 🌈 321 days ago

gfs ordered me more stuff fpr braceltes cant wait

sadie 🌈 328 days ago

i love making little kandi bracelets its so fun icant wait to do it together with my gf

sadie 🌈 332 days ago

chillin wit my girl

sadie 🥺 337 days ago

made a discord alt account to mess with its gpt features (paranoid abt being logged thru it....)

sadie 🐱 344 days ago

meow moew!!!

sadie 🌈 351 days ago

time to play and make sparkledog!! im a cat person so having a dog oc will be fun

sadie 🙂 354 days ago

why is it squashed now

sadie 🌈 364 days ago

i miss my gf wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

sadie 👽 366 days ago

watching oneyplays with the oomfies

sadie 🌈 370 days ago

my gf went home from visiting for the week,, so happy i got to spend time with her we had such a wonderful week

sadie 🌈 377 days ago

last night my stepdad was really epic and bought me a ton of stickers, my room is decked out now its sososososos cute <3

sadie 🌈 379 days ago

cant wait for the splatoon 3 artbook, a friend plans on tling it for maximum accuracy, sososo excited

sadie 🌈 380 days ago

i love talking to friends

sadie 🙂 383 days ago

another day another slay

sadie 🌈 385 days ago

mt mom made lasanga for supper,, its so tasty!!!

sadie 🎮 385 days ago

pokemon infinite fusion seems fun so far