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I'm here because I don't have anyone to talk.

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saddoll86 🥺 12 days ago

I can't finish this project, it's impossible, especially if I have this cold.

saddoll86 🙂 12 days ago

Sam rothstein from casino outfits>>>>>>>

saddoll86 🙂 13 days ago

I woke up late, I didn't sleep at all because of the cold.

saddoll86 🤒 15 days ago

My contribution to society is being poor, watching any Robert De Niro movie, listening to the intro of mean streets, staying in bed all day.

saddoll86 🙂 19 days ago

The process it's about me.

saddoll86 🥺 19 days ago

I'm Franz Kafka.

saddoll86 🙂 24 days ago

I love him so much !!!!!

saddoll86 ❤️ 24 days ago

i hate getting up late.