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saddleblasters πŸ™‚ 207 days ago

Wonder if I'll be able to work up the courage to actually play games at arcades instead of just awkwardly leaving after two minutes

saddleblasters πŸ’€ 208 days ago

Always amazed when I'm halfway asleep yet still manage to write 1000+ words that are semi-coherent

saddleblasters 🌱 209 days ago

Listening to The Chairman (θ‘£δΊ‹ι•·)'s song ε¨˜ε¨˜θ…” over and over.

saddleblasters πŸ’Ύ 218 days ago

marveling over how fascinated i am by a big stream of strangers' statuses. how is this so much more interesting than twitter?