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Hi there! Call me Addae (he/him)! Nice to meet you!


rymin ✨ 23 days ago

I think i finally like how my site looks!

rymin 💤 36 days ago

Time for another website overhaul...

rymin 💤 80 days ago

Instead of simply fixing the images after they broke like a normal person, I'm redoing my layout completely

rymin 💀 87 days ago

my images broke wtf

rymin 💤 151 days ago

My site still looks a bit wonky on mobile rip

rymin 😱 159 days ago

My only apprehension with using stuff like RSS is because it becomes a bit confusing to edit the css

rymin 💤 170 days ago

Personally, adding my fics to my site isn't a problem, I know how to transfer the html to my files. The problem is that I'm lazy.

rymin ✨ 192 days ago

I'm alive, that i can say at least

rymin 🙂 227 days ago

In the euphoria of realizing I could make my own fan game project I forgot you can get sued for them

rymin 🌧️ 230 days ago

super sleepy rn

rymin 😴 232 days ago

Wednesday is truly hump day for me when you have morning classes, therapy session in the afternoon, and then work until midnight

rymin ✨ 233 days ago

I added this status bar to my homepage!

rymin 🔥 238 days ago

Was a bit confused by the html of this site a bit but we are so fucking back

rymin 🌈 239 days ago

Hi world! I'm here now! :D