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sleepy guy in a nightmare world (they/them)


rustyscreech8 😶 119 days ago

i do still wanna make a project log for this site but. please dont look at when this status was posted actually

rustyscreech8 📖 215 days ago

deciding to do real research for the first time. send help

rustyscreech8 ❤️ 237 days ago

i love my gf. thats it thats the post

rustyscreech8 😭 282 days ago

>gets meds back >doesn't update status for almost 2 months >mfw

rustyscreech8 🥳 333 days ago

finished another track!! on a roll!!!

rustyscreech8 🎶 357 days ago

actually finishing a music track? in *this* economy?

rustyscreech8 🎶 371 days ago

synthv is really easy to use, this is the vocaloid alternative ive been needing this whole time

rustyscreech8 ❤️ 374 days ago

happy love day, today is for love <3

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