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rukawasyndrome 🙂 102 days ago

forgot to say that i finished lad:infinite wealth two days ago. yu nanba marry me

rukawasyndrome 💡 111 days ago

I think I'll start working on my site again now that I've been put down by that failing exam. I need to cheer myself up.

rukawasyndrome 🙂 114 days ago

didnt pass my exam. oh well, time to drink beer.

rukawasyndrome 😭 119 days ago

oooofgjhdjgdjkdfg...... nanba......

rukawasyndrome 🌙 132 days ago

I'm devastated I won't able to attend the Mass of The Fermenting Dregs concert in Milan this march.They're the band of my heart and my life.

rukawasyndrome 💀 137 days ago

i havent opened a textbook since july and i still need to do my exams. i just keep playing yume nikki online

rukawasyndrome 🥳 144 days ago

New year's eve! Meaning it's Rukawa's birthday tomorrow~

rukawasyndrome 🤖 146 days ago

I forgot how much using social media gives me this weird fear of being watched all the time.

rukawasyndrome 💀 147 days ago

i havent coded... or planned something new for site.... in weeks.... ohhh...

rukawasyndrome 🤒 151 days ago

merry chrithmis..... just barely recovered from the worst fever ever god

rukawasyndrome 😭 159 days ago

EVANESCENCE IN MILAN JUNE 2024??? ahh preorders open on tuesday, I'm just waiting here....

rukawasyndrome 🌈 162 days ago

changed my's styling for fun today. making simple and limited css is really engaging, maybe I should make a spacehey?

rukawasyndrome 😭 166 days ago

I want to switch to my laptop for a while bc big screen bad for eyes but i cant code on a different display...

rukawasyndrome 📰 167 days ago

when will I drop the splashpage and newsletter update?! secret ☆

rukawasyndrome 😭 170 days ago

I use loveplus' soundtrack on my site's pages SO much. it's kind of embarassing but that game has such a beautiful ost

rukawasyndrome 🎶 175 days ago

kiryu kazuma (positive connotation) (lovingly) (happily) (smiling) (very happy) (cute connotation) (happy)

rukawasyndrome 💀 180 days ago

my css abilities all died collectively. everything i make looks like shit. fly high angel

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