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Omnes spes demortae sunt


rrraksamam 💀 6 days ago

3 mosquito bites on my arm. Ugh

rrraksamam 💾 42 days ago

Valentine's. Disappointing.

rrraksamam 😶 72 days ago

Comfy weather. Too bad I have to step outside

rrraksamam 😶 78 days ago

It's the little things that bother me. Like the pimple under my left nostril

rrraksamam ❄️ 88 days ago

Was an year of lessons

rrraksamam ❄️ 94 days ago

Another lonely Christmas

rrraksamam 💀 114 days ago

I need to sleep, but my mind can't stop thinking...

rrraksamam 📰 167 days ago

I fell in love. And her thoughts have consumed my existence. I can't get her out of my head.

rrraksamam ❄️ 180 days ago

Ice therapy. Painful but healing

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