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A quiet guy
I think a lot more than I speak


rrraksamam 📰 52 days ago

I fell in love. And her thoughts have consumed my existence. I can't get her out of my head.

rrraksamam ❄️ 64 days ago

Ice therapy. Painful but healing

rrraksamam 🥺 114 days ago

It's another sad day. Why won't this sadness leave me?

rrraksamam 🥺 126 days ago

Sadness. It hurts deep in my heart

rrraksamam 🥺 139 days ago

I've got a toothache

rrraksamam 🎶 182 days ago

Music keeps a man alive

rrraksamam 🙂 222 days ago

Just woke up and checking social media before I drag myself out of bed

rrraksamam 🔥 228 days ago

Training sucks. My back hurts

rrraksamam ✈️ 277 days ago

We're all fighting our own wars

rrraksamam 🤔 305 days ago

I still can't believe it's 2022