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Omnes spes demortae sunt


rrraksamam ✈️ 137 days ago

And here we go. New beginning

rrraksamam 💀 293 days ago

Holiday. Breathing through one nostril, or two runny nostrils

rrraksamam 😶 368 days ago

Losing faith. I need an angel

rrraksamam ✅ 374 days ago

My checklist keeps growing

rrraksamam 🥺 414 days ago

Started the day with a cut on my thumb

rrraksamam 🤔 417 days ago

Lacking motivation lately. No inspiration.

rrraksamam 💀 428 days ago

3 mosquito bites on my arm. Ugh

rrraksamam 💾 464 days ago

Valentine's. Disappointing.

rrraksamam 😶 494 days ago

Comfy weather. Too bad I have to step outside

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