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Hi, I'm Rrim0.
I like horror movies.


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rrimo ✏️ 5 days ago

Debating with myself: do I NEED a new fountain pen or...???

rrimo 👽 16 days ago

Rewatched Alien:Covenant with my sister and wow what a dumb movie. The fact that the crew members are ALL married to each other...WHY uh

rrimo 🎬 21 days ago

Rewatched Drag Me to Hell tonight and I had a lot of fun! I honestly didn't remember it being so good! 2009 was 14 years ago WHAT

rrimo 🔥 23 days ago

It took me 4 years, but I finally watched Promare! Amazing intro, predictable but cute story and THAT ANIMATION WOW

rrimo 🐱 24 days ago

Not my cat sleeping peacefully on my chair when I have the sudden inspiration for a new page and want to get down to it immediately PLS MOVE

rrimo 🙃 31 days ago

I seriously need to clean up the HTML/CSS on some of my pages. I'm looking at the ones I wrote only a month ago and OMG what have I done

rrimo 👀 33 days ago

Happy Halloween, good people! Time to get spooky! >:D

rrimo 💀 34 days ago

Can't stop thinking about Grave Encounters (2011). It has already been 12 years, uh?! Still one of the greatest found footage horror ever.

rrimo 🌧️ 35 days ago

Rainy day today. The perfect time for a rewatch of old Law&Order:SVU episodes with the cat on my lap.

rrimo 🎬 36 days ago

Yesterday I watched Mad God (2021). What an incredibly beautiful and strange movie! A lot of gore and stunning visuals.