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rodrigomoya ❤️ 522 days ago

I like to come here to say some things

rodrigomoya 🌧️ 522 days ago

Happy about the rain, I was waiting for it with great anxiety (we have a 10-year drought in this area)

rodrigomoya 💾 540 days ago

Strange working week around here.

rodrigomoya 🐱 559 days ago

In Santiago for a few days taking care of some friends' kitten. I have enjoyed hiking and delicious Asian restaurants.

rodrigomoya 🥳 568 days ago

With great emotion and hope for the new government in Chile :-)

rodrigomoya ✏️ 578 days ago

Thinking that I enjoy writing code at night, but I doubt if it's good for me or not

rodrigomoya 😎 581 days ago

Today I drove to a town called Papudo. enjoy seeing the ocean