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Howdy! I'm Rodrick (Rod for short).

I'm a full-time student, artist, web developer, and game developer.

I like making pretty things.


rodfire8181 ✨ 5 days ago

Classes got canceled for 3 days straight due to bad weather which has given more time to mess with my mushroom babies.

rodfire8181 🤐 8 days ago

I feel like I'm a lot more scatter-brained than people think I am. Plus being quite forgetful.

rodfire8181 🌧️ 14 days ago

Tired and wishing for a full night's sleep. I've also been having to walk in the cold and rain a lot :(

rodfire8181 😴 20 days ago

Tired. Gotta love waking up early for classes.

rodfire8181 💤 23 days ago

Tirrred. I'm back at my dorm. Classes start in two days.

rodfire8181 🤒 32 days ago

Tired. I have an ear infection.

rodfire8181 😶 36 days ago

I need to migrate my Svelte Kit site to the finally released version sdfgfdhfghdfg

rodfire8181 🙃 36 days ago

Not feeling the best honestly. Dreary.

rodfire8181 😶 41 days ago

There's nothing like looking for a new sites to host my art portfolio on because the others have sided with AI "art"

rodfire8181 🥱 41 days ago

I'm tired and hungry. I'm hoping to get some game dev work today.