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they/them | 24


riu 😡 3 days ago

biting all these darts i have to sew up BITING BITING BITING RAAAAAAAA

riu 🥳 5 days ago

yesterday was my birthday and not only did my partner get me hello kitty heelys. but they also got us the yumekawa princess miku omg

riu 🍔 7 days ago

havin burgies for dinner!! so excited!!

riu 🌈 11 days ago

almost done with suit heads hehehe >:3 arm sleeves are half done too and then...perhaps feetpaws.......

riu 👀 15 days ago

link cable coming today :3c

riu ❤️ 16 days ago

thinking so hard abt pokemon rn.......

riu ✨ 19 days ago

i'm cleaning!!!!! i'm doing it!!!!!!!!!

riu 🙃 23 days ago

putting tape on foam is HARD

riu ❤️ 24 days ago

morning after concert! did, in fact, sob like a bitch the entire time <3

riu 🎶 25 days ago

going to a concert tonight :D will absolutely scream and cry the entire time!!

riu ☀️ 27 days ago

made tails with my partner today for our partial suits! onto the heads next >:3

riu 🌈 30 days ago

thank you retail therapy for curing me <3