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Brazilian, furry, IT manager. Likes free software, embedded systems, cybersecurity and retro computing. Draws and write stories in the free time.


riomccloud 📚 7 days ago

Starting to learn Delphi... maybe I'm crazy

riomccloud 😴 11 days ago

Exhausted from my job

riomccloud 🥰 15 days ago

It looks like my college math teacher is the same I had classes in school. I hope that's true, I LOVED his classes

riomccloud 😡 19 days ago

fuck nvidia i hate you and your fucking proprietary drivers

riomccloud 📚 24 days ago

College starting in a few days... Very anxious :/

riomccloud ❤️ 97 days ago

Missing my last travel with friends. They were the best days of my life!

riomccloud 💻 97 days ago

[2023/08/07] I'm very interested at keeping jurassic old machines at good use. I developed a legacy theme for my website.