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hi i'm loren & i make websites


ribose ❤️ 1 hour ago

today is my anniversary! and world postcard day! i'm on my way to the massachusetts independent comics expo (🐁)! waow!

ribose 🥳 1 day ago

happy birthday website

ribose 💾 9 days ago

wait FTP is waaay easier to use than the neocities web interface. is this a sign to start using the CLI. is it time to learn git

ribose ⚗️ 10 days ago

coming up on the 1 year anniversary of my personal site, but instead of planning a celebration i am totally focused on a side project

ribose 🧅 20 days ago

caramelizing...... yes

ribose 👀 28 days ago

guilty of manually typing 'view-source:' when i'm on mobile

ribose 💔 46 days ago

my beloved calculator font looks busted on firefox at certain zooms so i'm looking into replacing it... end of an era

ribose 🙃 51 days ago

made a free to use layout but now i need to make a layout for the page for sharing layouts

ribose 🦠 52 days ago

new site button :)

ribose 💻 66 days ago

just found out you can give css margins negative values (╭ರ_•́)

ribose 🌱 71 days ago


ribose ⛵ 140 days ago

taking the ferry!

ribose 🍏 166 days ago

chartreuse world

ribose 🌱 209 days ago

bugs are back

ribose ✏️ 236 days ago

lots of ideas for my site right now but i am fully caught up in the demands of teaching assistantship. writing exam questions is tough

ribose 📖 242 days ago

in february i WILL be writing in my hobonichi techo

ribose 💡 248 days ago

re-entering society today. hellooo

ribose 👽 251 days ago

i'm online