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mood: The current mood of ribose at www.imood.com


ribose ⛵ 17 days ago

taking the ferry!

ribose 🍏 44 days ago

chartreuse world

ribose 🌱 86 days ago

bugs are back

ribose 📚 109 days ago

the zine fair was so nice :-) feeling inspired to make more zines and to finally decide on how i want to present them on my site

ribose ✏️ 113 days ago

lots of ideas for my site right now but i am fully caught up in the demands of teaching assistantship. writing exam questions is tough

ribose 📖 120 days ago

in february i WILL be writing in my hobonichi techo

ribose 💡 125 days ago

re-entering society today. hellooo

ribose 👽 129 days ago

i'm online