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rhinedottirs 🎬 24 days ago

rewatching american horror stories, i love to be spooked

rhinedottirs 💀 32 days ago

i have a doctor apt tomorrow & i hate that for me

rhinedottirs 🌙 33 days ago

trying to pull an all nighter for the genshin update

rhinedottirs 💤 42 days ago

really wanted to plush that shrine but alas too tired

rhinedottirs ☕️ 45 days ago

stream espresso by sabrina carpenter!!!

rhinedottirs 😭 46 days ago

why is winamp making life so difficult

rhinedottirs 🌧️ 47 days ago

hate being in england, too cloudly to see shit

rhinedottirs 🌈 50 days ago

you you ever you when when we you ever had a dream you you when you could do anything