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rhenn 🥳 6 days ago

Got a lot of chores done today! Also wrote my first blog post.

rhenn 👽 22 days ago

Website is now GREEN. Next, I want to digitise my sketchbook/s

rhenn 💤 23 days ago

Made progress on a few different things today... more sleepy than I should be

rhenn ✨ 76 days ago

Graduating soon!

rhenn ☀️ 128 days ago

Time to work on this instead of studying for exams

rhenn ☀️ 170 days ago

The weather's so nice... I wanna go for a walk

rhenn 💻 172 days ago

The more I do today the less I have to do tomorrow

rhenn 💤 186 days ago


rhenn 🤖 189 days ago

Thinking about new sections to add

rhenn ✏️ 202 days ago

Working on animation stuff

rhenn ❄️ 208 days ago

Aren't sundays supposed to be relaxing?