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reun 🎶 147 days ago

Updating from my cat s22 flip, my new daily driver phone!

reun 👽 160 days ago

2024 is a year identical to 1996. So I bought a planner from 1996.

reun 🙂 231 days ago

Just waitin' for prior authorization for a $14k drug that can make my body stop growing extra skin.

reun 💀 256 days ago

Endometriosis cramps! amirite guys?

reun 😎 257 days ago

Playing my DCC theif gambler "Smooth Mickey"

reun 🌙 258 days ago

I know I was told "my dark Vanessa" was a tough read but shit...

reun 🙂 258 days ago

Hello? Is this a twitter?