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This is the updates archive for my website!


renkotsuban ❤️ 5 days ago

Added more links to the Misc section! David Wessman and Kapsulo blogs!

renkotsuban ❤️ 6 days ago

Added more links to Misc! DoubleDelight and No Time To Play!

renkotsuban 😎 18 days ago

Added some new links to the Misc page!

renkotsuban 💤 27 days ago

Taking a break from Diaries of Qud and going to rethink what and when I stream!

renkotsuban 🎮 42 days ago

Added the 同ZINE Issue #0 archive to Misc!

renkotsuban 😡 49 days ago

Wow, it didn't take long for me to learn that Misskey is full of nettouyo. Deleted my Misskey, good riddance

renkotsuban ✨ 50 days ago

Added a link to my Misskey account,! Gonna use it to practice writing in Japanese and also talk about analog games

renkotsuban 🥳 70 days ago

Ended up giving the site a fairly substantial overhaul! Streamlined a lot of pages into Works and Misc and got rid of the sidebar

renkotsuban ❤️ 70 days ago

Updated the CSS on my page to be a little less brown and a little more fun!

renkotsuban 🥳 100 days ago

Taking Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday off of streaming Diaries of Qud this week!

renkotsuban 🤒 111 days ago

Taking the day off streaming Diaries of Qud because I am feeling under the weather. Also starting tomorrow, gonna stream from 9AM, not 12PM

renkotsuban 😛 114 days ago

Added a "Top" button to all pages! I should have done this AGES ago

renkotsuban 👽 116 days ago

Added a blurb to the main site to say I've started streaming Caves of Qud every weekday from 12PM JST on my Twitch!

renkotsuban 🙂 130 days ago

Added a new link to the blogroll (mojilove's blog!)

renkotsuban 😎 140 days ago

Added a Links page, go look at other cool stuff that people have made!

renkotsuban 😎 145 days ago

Buh I am terrible at keeping this updated. Go look at, tons of stuff has released, including the 2022 December issue!!!

renkotsuban 🥳 156 days ago

Developer Spotlight and interview for Squimmy are both up on Indie Tsushin! Also starting tonight, we're gonna be streaming Unity1Week: Re!!

renkotsuban 🤐 162 days ago

Forgot to update this status again, oops. Game profile for Battle for Windows and developer interview with yumehiko up on Indie Tsushin!

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