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reesecar ❤️ 215 days ago

i adopted a hamster named honey bunches of oats (bunchy for short) !!! need to keep working on my neocities so i can make a page for her ...

reesecar 🌧️ 223 days ago

maybe i should organize my sidebar links into different categories...? there's so much i want to do!

reesecar 💻 226 days ago

the site layout rework's coming along super well! i'm really happy w what i have so far :-)

reesecar ✨ 228 days ago

reworking my neocities site from scratch this time!!

reesecar 💡 463 days ago

i want to make an rpgmaker game ...

reesecar 🎮 465 days ago

played through flesh blood & concrete, stillwater, and elevator hitch last night w/ friends!! hoping 2 get to cold front next...

reesecar 😭 465 days ago

my friend just asked if my neocities favicon was a primogen :[

reesecar 📚 467 days ago

got a few group presentations coming up ... i'm in the trenches

reesecar 🥳 468 days ago

slept for so long last night and woke up to find this account activated! hi everywan o/