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dutchie site status updater woooooo


redsniper ❤️ 76 days ago

we are so fucking back (<- he has the motivation to blog and code again)

redsniper 🙂 195 days ago

going to hold off on trying to un-fuck my bushmed dw code because i'm still so upsetted by it. which is stupid but!

redsniper 💡 195 days ago

okay i think i've Mostly un-fucked my neocities coding... sigh

redsniper 🎲 199 days ago

trying to get back into my coding grind... life is draining me dry!

redsniper 🎱 304 days ago

YAAY bluesky invite tysm cc!! gonna work on it when i get home from work! >:)c

redsniper 🌈 308 days ago

hmm... feeling so conflicted... :'( kind of want to recode my whole site SOBS but i love how it looks... idk.. auugghh.,., i can't deciide!!

redsniper 🌈 318 days ago

friend page up wahoo! learning a lot from cc.... and its almost the freaking weekedn!!

redsniper 🎱 320 days ago

made SO many writing posts good LORD and added a friend list to my neocities.,,. i still feel like i have so much to do !! gowuwaa!!

redsniper 🎲 327 days ago

new pauling piece posted on my dw and now i'm working on a character analysis post for an anon on curiouscat

redsniper 😱 329 days ago

setting up a ko-fi!! aahh!! ;__;

redsniper 🎱 331 days ago

working on my site button and having a breakdown over it </3

redsniper 🙂 331 days ago

want wesker hot toy

redsniper 🎲 332 days ago

credits page updated/done! maybe i can start posting my new fic on dw... see if anyone notices.. heh...

redsniper 🎱 332 days ago

changed my personal dw theme... looks much better! working on a credits page now!

redsniper 🎲 333 days ago

ogaugoauaaa i cant wait to go hooooomeee

redsniper 🌈 334 days ago

making lots of progress on my website! wahoo!

redsniper 🙂 334 days ago

just doing a test. trying to see if i can stick it on my website! :3