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hi i do stuff on the web


rednorka 🌧️ 1 day ago

its nice to code while its raining outside (struggling but somewhat at peace)

rednorka ☀️ 8 days ago

had a good time at someone's bday

rednorka 🐱 14 days ago

booped people on tumblr all day and must say that its the greatest virtual event ever to happen

rednorka ✏️ 14 days ago

im being SO picky about what note app to use for daily stuff because i cant go away from ones that had chat/social media interface aaaaaaaaa

rednorka 🥱 19 days ago

slow day, hoping for the upcoming spring beauty

rednorka ❄️ 22 days ago

i wanna bring death but gotta hold it together

rednorka ✨ 26 days ago

completed kirby & the amazing mirror after like 10 years of trying to do that

rednorka 🌱 27 days ago

cleaning up what people/places i am following/subscribed to like its spring cleaning

rednorka ✨ 28 days ago

glasses make pretty much anyone 100 times more cute

rednorka 🎶 28 days ago

making tracker music on my 3ds