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uykolyxdotnet, under construction

trans poly+sapphic bitch (she/they)
luau dev and midi creator/enjoyer
i fucking LOVE 608 <33


rec01n 😛 6 days ago

my friend finally created a twitter!! this is amazing i can bother them even MORE now!!

rec01n 🙃 12 days ago

aaaa i'm eepy now...

rec01n ✏️ 12 days ago

finally getting to working on the new site!!

rec01n 💻 13 days ago

back on pc!!!

rec01n 🔥 13 days ago

FINALLY i can update my site tomorrow (for real this time!!)

rec01n 😶 14 days ago

NEVERMIND they forgot my charger T_T

rec01n 💻 14 days ago

PLEASE email me!!!

rec01n 🙃 14 days ago

VERY suicidal but i manage to hide it well... till i choose not to

rec01n 😛 14 days ago

i'm gonna cry

rec01n 😭 14 days ago

remind me to update the css soon ;w;

rec01n 🥰 15 days ago

when i'm bored i start to realize how fucked up i am...

rec01n ❤️ 15 days ago

i love kirby star allies vro,,,

rec01n 💔 15 days ago

all updates postponed to tomorrow or monday ;w; // hang in there...

rec01n 🌈 16 days ago

i love 608 and ashley aaaa -w-

rec01n 💻 16 days ago

uyko.lyx/IDE/Landing.aspx (not real yet)

rec01n 💤 16 days ago


rec01n 💤 16 days ago


rec01n 🤔 16 days ago

my logic software crashed

rec01n 👀 16 days ago site build 628.3 will be a test build (you'll only be able to see index)

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